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We have been growing and breeding Hippeastrums for over 25 years and through careful breeding and culling methods can offer you, possibly the most extensive range of Hippeastrums in Australia.

Having been bred and grown in Australia our bulbs suit Australian conditions and can be sold to you at a very reasonable price, as we do not have to pay for overseas freight or quarantine costs.

All our Hippeastrums usually send up two stalks (sometimes one and sometimes three)  each stalk carrying four or more flower heads.

If you wish to visit, our farm is open to the public between mid September and end of November annually.  At this time, flowers will be in full bloom and are a spectacular display.  During this period you will be most welcome 7 days a week from 8am - 5pm.

If you wish to visit other times, please phone.  Best time to phone is between 6pm and 8pm. (Contact Us)

Our Price List is only a few of the varieties that we have.  We have in excess of 500 different colourings on display.

Included on this site are some images of different varieties we have available.  These images are viewable with our PRICE LIST.  There are many other varieties not shown but are described as best as possible.  If you desire to order please select ORDER FORM and print this out.  Simply fill out and pop into the mail.

Also available on this site is GROWING INSTRUCTIONS for your newly received bulbs and information about PESTS & DISEASES, so feel free to browse through our site and let us know if we can help in any way.  You may also apply to have your comments posted onto this site. (Customer Comments)

 Mick and Nellie Maguire