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A visit to your farm each year, when the hippeastrums are in full 
flower, is a breathtakingly beautiful sight to behold and one I 
treasure.  Over the years your farm has given me so much pleasure, 
both visually and in buying plants not only for myself but also for 
others. They make a wonderful birthday, xmas or special event gift;  
also for the loss of a loved one- person or pet. I cannot speak highly 
enough of the quality of your hippeastrums or the joy you have given 
to so many. A simple but heartfelt thank you!
9.11.11   Sunrise Beach
I have just expanded my collection of Hippeastrums collection with ones from Maguire's and they would have to be some of the finest quality hippies i have bought. They have all got multiple flower spikes and have full coloured flowers, a breeders delight. Thanks everyone at Maguire’s for producing such fine hippeastrums.
How happy I am to have found Maguires. My first order arrived today well packaged, beautiful bulbs. I will definately be ordering more hippies from here.
Cant wait untill October to visit the farm.
Thank you,
2nd February 2010
Last year I bought bulbs from Maguire's, or should I say beautiful bulbs. Here is a pic of my flamenco I bought. I would like to say that it was named wrong; should have been flamingo, as the colours are similar and the shape of the flower is as graceful as a flamingo. A hug and a kiss to all for bringing such beauty to the world.
best wishes (14th January 2010)

Hi guys--

Just wanted to say, as one who partook in a big order recently to the US, that you guys did an amazing job choosing, cleaning and getting our bulbs to us safely.  I cannot speak for the other members of our cooperative order, but I'm extremely satisfied by the look, feel and health of the bulbs.  Thank you so much from Denver, USA!

Sender: Anonymous(privacy reasons) - 1st June 2009

Visiting your farm each year during flowering season is one of my special pleasures to look forward to. The superb display is absolutely breathtaking and so inspiring. I have bought many bulbs over the last eight years and have never lost one....they are so robust and healthy. Thankyou  for your excellent farm and service.
Doonan QLD
I'd like to say how much I am enjoying this website, everytime I look at it I notice a new flower that I hadnt noticed or seen before, I have ordered bulbs from the Maguires a few times and hope to do so more in the future, the bulbs have arrived safely and intact(in Western Australia), and I have had no problems with them whatsoever. Maguires have the largest range of colours that I have ever seen so I have been able to expand my collection, we live on two and a half acres and I am hoping to get as many colours and sorts as I can (before my husband notices that I am using up all his space, usually used for trucks cars motorbikes etc.)
Keep up the good work, I look forward to ordering more bulbs and watching them grow 
Geraldton   WA



The Farm is a must see when in full bloom during Spring. Books are available from myself (see https://www.facebook.com/Little-Treasures-346261868844331/) or from Maguire's Hippeastrum Farm. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in the books please feel free to forward them to me.  Subject: book suggestions.

For book titles currently available please go to this page - Books

 Sharyn- gypsylady888@gmail.com