Maguire's Hippeastrum Farm

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MEALY BUGS:   If you notice some white powdery substance around the neck of the bulbs, this is probably Mealy Bugs.  Get some spray suitable for Mealy Bugs from your local nursery/garden supplies store and treat as directed on container.

SNAILS/SLUGS:    Keep a look out for snails and slugs as they will eat the emerging flower stalk.  Control with Snail baits.

CRINUM GRUBS:    These are a black and white grub and burrow into the leaves and down into the bulb.  They can kill a bulb by eating a hole in the bulb, which fills up with water and can rot.  If noticed spray with a grub killer or simply squash between fingers.

You shouldn't come across any other problems with your hippies as they are pretty easy to care for and do actually thrive on neglect.